Crestfallen Anniversary

It’s hard to believe that one year ago Crestfallen funded on Kickstarter, time sure does fly!   To celebrate, we are pleased to announce that Crestfallen is now available for a new, lower price. In addition, three scenarios (previously only available to kickstarter backers) are now available for free – they should appear on DriveThruRPG […]

Crestfallen hardcopy givaway!

How do you fancy being entered into a draw to win the first ever copy of Crestfallen to leap off the printing presses? To enter, simply: mention us on social media, or share a photo of yourself with your copy of Crestfallen in your hand write a review of Crestfallen on it’s DrivethruRPG product page, a blog, RPG site or anywhere else […]

Launch day!

Greetings gamers, I’m very proud to announce that the Crestfallen RPG is available for sale! It can be purchased here   The PDF is £14, and towards the end of March the Print On Demand versions will also be on sale; both colour and black and white. I expect the black and white version to […]

The Home Stretch

Artwork is done. Editing is done. Layout has started: all of the text and some of the art is placed in the book. Over the next few weeks we will be fine tuning the design and proof reading before release of the Crestfallen RPG! There is a tiny sliver of a chance that this will […]

Crestfallen update

Just a quick note to say that progress is steady with both editing and artwork for Crestfallen. Artwork is around 60% complete, and editing around 50%. I would also like to introduce a new artist to our roster, the very talented Giedre Olsauskaite. Here is one of the illustrations she has been working on – […]

Crestfallen roadmap – Part Two

In part one we described our immediate plans for Crestfallen at the conclusion of the current Kickstarter, up to and including the release of the Crestfallen RPG itself, But what about after that? Crestfallen long term roadmap Free stuff We will still be releasing information on this very website, freed from the constraints of holding […]

Crestfallen roadmap – Part One

We have spent many weeks and posts explaining what Crestfallen is; it’s world, mythology,  inhabitants, unique rules and so on. But what of the future? I’m going to spend a couple of articles outlining my immediate and long term plans for the future, perhaps this will convince you to join the Kickstarter in it’s last […]

Antagonists of Crestfallen – Demons

Annwns mind is broken, that much is clear. Her tormented screams in the far north have driven men mad, and beasts into frothing terrors. Though she is pinned under The Ice in the mortal world, she is still connected to the Otherlands by invisible chains. Wisps of her fervoured mind escape into the Otherlands, they […]