Crestfallen RPG Google Group

Just a little update for you all, on the Contact page you will find a link to subscribe to our new Google email discussion group. It will be used for all things Crestfallen related; the ongoing playtest, news, house rules, new material and scenarios. Anything really! I hope to see you all there shortly. Subscribe […]

Let me tell you about……..Kerun

Kerun is the mortal world, one half of the universe. At the dawn of time Earth Mother – the creator, mated with her husband and birthed Anki. Anki was a primaeval paradise,  a world of animism where anything could be changed by the power of thought alone. Anki pulsed with energy and life, everything had […]

Races of Rivanon – The Walrus People

The Walrus people are married to the seas and rivers of the Otherlands, and rarely leave them. On Rivanon they are concentrated along the coast, the hidden isles (which do not exist back through the Veil off the shores of mortal Rivanon) and Rivanon’s many rivers and lakes, especially the Mirror Sea and Blood Lake. […]

The Crestfallen Playtest is now live!

Hi all, just a quick note to say that after a lot of hard work we are now running our worldwide playtests! Packets have already gone out to Australia, Canada, the US and several groups in the UK. Would you like to join them? Apply here: Thank you all for your support, and for helping […]

Races of Rivanon – The Pretani

Pretanians are the most religious nation of an already very religious race—humans. Some say their every action  is governed by omens from the heavens, divined by their famous oracles. Pretania is a great centre of druidic learning, perhaps the best on Rivanon. Suitable candidates spend 7 years as a bard, learning the famous tales and […]

Races of Rivanon – Hibernia

The Hibernians are an energetic people, they have a mad zeal in their eyes and are always looking for the next opportunity to make coin. Of all the human nations, they are the most selfish and materialistic—your status is measured in material wealth, and especially in how many slaves you own. Hibernia is the centre […]

Creative Writing Competition

Please submit entries using the contact form, or in the comments below. T’s & C’s at the bottom of this post. Crestfallen is a pen and paper Roleplaying Game (like D&D) of primitive nature and the spirit world, a time before Iron! It is set in a Bronze Age (circa. 1000 BC) where a bad […]