The Crestfallen Playtest is now live!

Hi all, just a quick note to say that after a lot of hard work we are now running our worldwide playtests! Packets have already gone out to Australia, Canada, the US and several groups in the UK. Would you like to join them? Apply here: Thank you all for your support, and for helping […]

The Raven – Part three

  I was worried about the monochromatic nature of this session, i realised too late that it was basically all combat. It turned out rather well though.   The Raven is a demi-god serving Annwn, he stole the Cauldron under her orders, and is travelling up onto The Ice to deliver it. He has a […]

The Raven – Part two

    This session was mainly “messing about” but was still great fun, the players were getting to grips with aspects a little more and began some humourous infighting. Zarlak with his severe amnesia wandered off at some point on the journey to Rath Cavan (his player couldn’t make it), whereabouts unknown.   Rath Cavan […]

The Raven – Part one

Being a write-up of my recent playtest scenario for the Crestfallen RPG, which was run at the always friendly Patriot Games Leeds. Please bear in mind that these characters were created very early in development, before I split race off into a separate aspect (to simplify shape changing and spirit binding).   Setup Our adventure […]