Races of Rivanon – The Bone Islands

To the south east of Rivanon lie an isolated chain of islands, discovered a few centuries ago by Cyclops merchant explorers – the Bone Islands. Populated by savage Human cannibals, these islands are wild, primitive and dangerous! The bone islanders venerate their dead by eating them, keeping the knowledge and essence of the person within […]

Races of Rivanon – The Lupus

For the next few weeks we will be posting a brief synopsis of each of the major races of Crestfallen, enjoy!   The Lupus The Lupus were once spirit wolves, created by Earth Mother to be her servants, hunters and housekeepers of the Otherlands. They performed their duties well and with great fervour. In time […]

Meet the examples

We are very proud to unveil the four example characters that are used throughout Crestfallen to illustrate the rules. They have been highly tuned to demonstrate as many of the important elements of the game as possible, their backstories all connect to a common enemy and a group aspect – the evil Iceni tribe. Between […]

The Raven – Part three

  I was worried about the monochromatic nature of this session, i realised too late that it was basically all combat. It turned out rather well though.   The Raven is a demi-god serving Annwn, he stole the Cauldron under her orders, and is travelling up onto The Ice to deliver it. He has a […]