Races of Rivanon – Wooden Bird People

Created by the Firsthborn in the Otherlands, the Wooden Bird People are Formorians—spirit people. They resemble crudely carved wooden birds of various species: from the tiny sparrow to the crow and eagle. Despite their rough shape they are able to fly and are surprisingly nimble. Though not aggressive by nature, they will swarm and dive-bomb […]

Races of Rivanon – Ostmen

In the icy north of Rivanon, perilously close to the sentient glacier that is simply called The Ice, live the Ostmen. Fierce human barbarian warriors clinging on to life in a frugal existence, they resort to raiding the other human nations to survive. They live in single story longhouses in sheltered valleys, and hunt and […]

Races of Rivanon – The Arcadians

Long ago, the vile Firstborn came upon the World Tree, a powerful Elder God. They instantly fell upon it—tearing at it’s bark, snapping it’s branches and splitting it’s trunk. As the World Tree died, it exploded into thousands of splinters. These splinters grew to become the Arcadian race. Arcadians are treemen standing around six or […]

Races of Rivanon – Coralis

When a ragtag horde of human slaves fled from the faraway continent of Yakut to Rivanon, Coralis is where they made landfall. Many humans carried on fleeing, and eventually founded the other human nations that we know so well today, but some stayed in Coralis and prospered. Coralis is the most civilised and educated of […]

Competition winner!

Greetings, It gives me great pleasure to announce the winner of our recent competition. Thank you very much for everyone who took part and made it so successful. Dave J, I will be contacting you shortly in regards to your prize!   Elder Fourfinger sat amongst the wee ones, while their parents cleaned up from […]