Races of Rivanon – The Pretani

Pretanians are the most religious nation of an already very religious race—humans. Some say their every action  is governed by omens from the heavens, divined by their famous oracles. Pretania is a great centre of druidic learning, perhaps the best on Rivanon. Suitable candidates spend 7 years as a bard, learning the famous tales and […]

Races of Rivanon – Cyclops

Cyclops stand an impressive ten or eleven feet tall, with broad shoulders and a solid core. They have a single eye and are known for poor eyesight—their hearing isn’t much better either! They are vegetarians and have a placid nature, many of them are pacifists. Their distaste for violence is well known, though as each […]

Races of Rivanon – The Sirens

The Sirens are an enigmatic race of Formorians that live in the Otherlands, they live in elegant cities of marble and glass where they spend their time plotting and manipulating. Sirens prefer to work their plots behind the scenes, using intermediaries whenever possible and staying safely at home. They travel little, the hardships of the […]

Races of Rivanon – Hibernia

The Hibernians are an energetic people, they have a mad zeal in their eyes and are always looking for the next opportunity to make coin. Of all the human nations, they are the most selfish and materialistic—your status is measured in material wealth, and especially in how many slaves you own. Hibernia is the centre […]