Races of Rivanon – The Goat People

The Blue Shield mountains in the Otherlands are the homeland of the Goat People, they live in villages on the arid hill and mountainsides to tend sheep, craft and raise children. They are renowned craftsmen and tinkers, famed for their jewellery and children’s toys. Their villages are generally peaceful places until mating season (goat people […]

Races of Rivanon – The City States

Between the southern tip of Hibernia and the northern extent of Coralis lie hundreds of independent villages and a dozen or so city states. Life in them is chaotic and brutal, a succession of warlords and tyrants rule, they are constantly at war with each other. Many have tried to bring order to this stretch […]

The Crestfallen Playtest is now live!

Hi all, just a quick note to say that after a lot of hard work we are now running our worldwide playtests! Packets have already gone out to Australia, Canada, the US and several groups in the UK. Would you like to join them? Apply here: http://www.whiterosegames.com/main/?page_id=162 Thank you all for your support, and for helping […]

Races of Rivanon – The Horse Clans

Covering vast tracts of land between the eastern borders of the Ostmen, Pretanian and Hibernian nations, and the western edge of the Blue Shield Mountains, the Horse Clans live their nomadic life relatively peacefully. The land they live on is too poor for anyone to bother invading or risking conflict. They have their own internal […]

Races of Rivanon – Jackal people

The Jackal people were created by the Firstborn to mock the Lupus (who were created by Earth Mother). While the Lupus are noble hunters with a strong spiritual tradition, the Jackal people are scavengers, thieves and cut-throats. They are Formorians, and live in the Otherlands where they roam the open grasslands in packs where they […]

Races of Rivanon – Naderites

When a rag-tag bunch of human slaves fled the continent of Yakut 208 years ago, the Naderites were amongst them. When landfall was made on Rivanon, in the region soon to be called Coralis—the Naderites were amongst them. Naderites were once human, but were corrupted and mutated by evil sorcerers called the Unstar Concordant. They […]

Crestfallen progress report

Well, 2015 has been a busy year so far, and it’s about to get busier! I’m very pleased to report that the bulk of my writing for Crestfallen is done, I’m particularly pleased with the background material—I can honestly say that I don’t think this particular brand of agriculturally aware, historically inspired paganism has been […]