The Raven – Part three

CharacterHigh ConceptPlayer
The BlacksmithOstman BlacksmithAshkan
Margo BlackWashed up Bounty HunterJoseph
ZarlakDark Arcadian NecromancerBen
LucianFriendly Lupus RangerGeorge
GetafikiEccentric Arcadian DruidCraig
Prince Zeb IIICoralis Prince CharmingMichael


I was worried about the monochromatic nature of this session, i realised too late that it was basically all combat. It turned out rather well though.


The Raven is a demi-god serving Annwn, he stole the Cauldron under her orders, and is travelling up onto The Ice to deliver it. He has a symbiotic relationship with The Willow, which is possesed by a demon. Thousands of years ago Ghob, King of the Earth Elements broke every bone in his body – the willow healed him, and does it still, in return for a food source…..


The Willow

Boss fight! The PC’s began skittering around the edges, but soon the Willow was making horrific mental attacks against Lucian, so much so that he ran off into the forest with a massive fear of trees consequence, never to be seen again.

Zarlak strangely reappeared as one of three slaves bought by The Raven in Rath Cavan, he was grappled by the roots of the Willow and was being slowly digested when the PC’s entered the clearing.

The others eventually discovered the infamous Fate Aspect On Fire, they started creating aspects like crazy and stacking the free invokes on one character, the Willow was burnt down and chopped in half at the same time, just to be sure – the possessing demon escaped into the skies.

Zarlak was a GM controlled NPC this session (his player was away), so I used the opportunity to dump plot on them, as we were running out of time. He told the group that The Raven was heading north, to The Ice.



It dawned on the players that they had lost Lucian, their one wilderness orientated character, so the Journey north would be virtually impossible. Quick thinking led to Getafiki summoning and binding a Dryad, which covered the wilderness skills.


While the Journey north was harder than the one to Rath Cavan, i still didn’t get to inflict any group consequences, just stress. More tweaking required.


The Ice and the final Battle

We were severely running out of time at this point, and we all wanted this to be the last session – so I nerfed The Raven somewhat (his horse was as badass as the Willow, and he could shapeshift into a giant raven as an action and fly away).

Zarlak had summoned and bound a fire spirit at this point, as soon as the scene started the players turned into pyromaniacs and tried to set light to anything they could!


They fought hard against the frankly obscenely powerful Raven, Zeb lost his sword arm, but heroically picked it up and connected a good blow with his off-hand!

A massive flurry of create advantage and passing on the free invokes led to the Party tripping up The Raven and Zeb making a suicide charge and pulling himself and the Raven into a bottomless crevasse.

My favorite moment was Zeb having the trouble Vain, but taking a wound to the face in the fight, so invoking it for a +2 as revenge for harming his good looks (obviously before his arm was hacked off).



Overall, I’m pretty happy with my first full Crestfallen scenario / mini campaign, it seems to work best with a few memorable foes rather than endless cannon fodder. The entire game seems to hang off player aspects, designing memorable and dramatic ones seems to be of utmost importance.


I thought I might list the main foes in this session for you perusal, enjoy!


The Willow


Hungry demonic tree, rooted to the spot, Nurturer of the Raven, gruesome compost


+5 Superb; Provoke

+4 Great; Will, Physique

+3 Good; Deceive, Empathy, Fight (animate roots and branches)

+2 Fair; Notice, Lore, Ritual


Tendrils of despair – the Willow can “Shoot” using Provoke, with a range of 3 zones, inducing deep despair and lethargy in the target. It can do this as a free action.

Bark of the ancients – Armour 4

Clawing roots – +2 to Physique rolls made to create advantages on an enemy by wrestling or grappling with them.

Mind Speech – as the Ritual skill stunt.


Physical OOOO

Mental OOOO

Mild Moderate


The Raven

A Demigod from ancient times, he has always been the instigator of decay and ruin. A few centuries ago he was mortally wounded by Ghob, King of the earth elementals – who crushed most of the bones in his body. Since then he has relied on a willow tree that eats putrid corpses to heal him. The willow is a powerful spirit of death, affiliated with Annwn, it is the Willow who has made the Raven a disciple of The Ice in payment for the healing.

The Raven looks like a tall and muscular human, with pale skin and long black hair. He wears a thick shaggy cloak of raven feathers, and wears a bronze helmet/mask in the shape of a ravens face and beak – the beak itself is covered in slivers of jet that glint in the light.

Sometimes he shapeshifts into a giant Raven, though mostly he rides a fearsome demonic steed far larger than any horse you have seen. His steed is a gift from Annwn (and also her spy), and is a beast of hate and madness.

His weapon of choice is a heavy two handed boar spear, with a wide blade of obsidian.



Demigod of decay, damn my broken bones, it will bend to my will, Annwn has her hooks in me.


+6 Fantastic; Will

+5 Superb; Fight, Stealth

+4 Great; Physique, Notice, Ritual

+3 Good; Burglary, Athletics, Deceive, Lore

+2 Fair; Empathy, Investigate, Wilderness, Ride, Ritual


Gaze of despair – spend a Fate to attack with Will (defend with Will). A success with style creates a mental barrier to action at Fair +2 that the target must overcome. Use the mental stress track.

Shapeshift – can turn into a giant raven as an action

Accelerated decay – his touch greatly increases the rate of decay in organic matter, leaves rot and decay at his passing etc.


Putrefying spear;

Aspects; intimidating blade, I must instigate decay and despair

Stunts; Weapon 4. Consequences inflicted are described in terms of putrefaction and rotting flesh.

Physical Stress OOOO

Mental Stress OOOO

Mild Mild Moderate Severe


Giant Raven

Around four feet tall with a fifteen foot wingspan, otherwise looks like a normal raven, however it is wearing a bronze mask over it’s face. The Raven tends not to transform into this creature now he has the horse, as it leaves him vulnerable for an exchange. On the rare occasion that he is in danger, he will attempt to fly off as the raven.


Mystical scavenger, too curious for it’s own good, bird of knowledge and mystery


+5 Superb Athletics

+4 Great Notice, Wilderness

+3 Good Physique, Will, Ritual

+2 Fair Lore, Stealth, Burglary, Fight


Flight – +2 to overcome with Athletics when airborne

Divebomb – +2 to fight if it is airborne and has not attacked for two exchanges

All seeing eye – It can see through the eyes of the Ravens warhorse and use it’s Notice skill.

Physical Stress OOOO

Mental Stress OOOO

Mild Moderate



The Ravens Horse

A tortured warhorse driven insane by the parasitic demon it is now host to.


Demonic Steed, pushed beyond my limits, I will sacrifice myself for my master


+5 Superb Athletics

+4 Great Physique, Provoke

+3 Good Fight, Wilderness

+2 Fair Notice, Will, Empathy


Donkey kick – after creating an aspect called “it’s behind me” on a target (using Athletics), the warhorse has weapon 4 on the target, until the aspect no longer makes sense.

Mystic compass – not only does the warhorse always know where it is, it always knows where it’s master is.

Tireless – the horse can run practically forever with no visible ill effects (+2 defence when a Journey is attacking with Fatigue).

Physical Stress OOOO

Mental Stress OOO

Mild Moderate



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