Meet the examples

We are very proud to unveil the four example characters that are used throughout Crestfallen to illustrate the rules. They have been highly tuned to demonstrate as many of the important elements of the game as possible, their backstories all connect to a common enemy and a group aspect – the evil Iceni tribe.

Between them they demonstrate fighting, socialising, sailing, magic and journeying in the dangerous world of Crestfallen – even shapeshifting!

The Death Dealer

Eerika, Chieftainess of the frost eaters

Eerika is noble by birth, she exudes confidence and authority. She has promised her life to the God of battle, Vornos, giving her great courage and a warriors code of honour. Whilst she is deadly on the battlefield, Eerika is just as deadly in the council chamber – she can bully the most stubborn of Chieftains to do her bidding, and twist her admirers round her little finger with ease.

The Iceni are her greatest rivals, and stand in the way of her quest for greater power.


High Concept Bride of Vornos

Race Ostwoman Chieftainess (comfortable in a snowstorm)

Trouble Makes too many promises

Aspect Politics is my favorite game

Aspect Magnhild, my hunting Falcon

Group Aspect The Iceni Chieftains will pay for what they have done to me!


Great +4 Fight

Good +3 Provoke, Rapport

Fair +2 Athletics, Notice, Investigate

Average +1 Physique,Will, Stealth, Ride


Reckless lunge – Eerika can gain +4 to the attack action with the Fight skill. If she does, she gives her opponent a boost called “unbalanced” to use against her. It also costs her a fate point to use.

Public speaker – Eerika is very comfortable addressing a crowd, +2 to overcome with Rapport when in this situation.

Getting under your skin – use Provoke instead of Empathy to discover personality aspects (create advantage), providing you can anger the target into revealing their weakness. The target defends against this with Will.

 Physical Stress 1 2 3

Mental stress 1 2 3



The Ritualist

Irkalla, Priestess and Alchemist

Irkalla’s opinions have always gotten her into trouble, last time she called the Iceni Chieftains cowards and slave mongers. She has been living in hiding ever since. She lives in a mountain cave and survives by selling potions to nearby villagers, and occasionally performing rituals for them. She dreams of revenge and spends much of her time researching poisons.


High Concept Hermit-priestess of Selene (Goddess of Hope & Bravery)

Race Opinionated Western Cyclops (Hands like magical shovels)

Trouble Always helps the poor

Aspect A craftswoman’s eye

Aspect The spirits whisper in my ears

Aspect Size of a Bear! (Large Size)

Group Aspect The Iceni Chieftains will pay for what they have done to me!


Great +4 Lore

Good +3 Ritual, Crafts

Fair +2 Physique, Will, Wilderness

Average +1 Investigate, Athletics, Notice, Provoke


Potion – Using the potion Ritual (see page xx) Irkalla can invent a stunt on the spot, and put it in the potion. Once drunk, the stunt lasts for the rest of the scene and is then spent. She can only carry one prepared potion at a time.

Stoneshaper – Irkalla adds +2 to the Crafts skill overcome action in relation to mining, engineering and sculpture.

Strength of Selene – +2 to defend with Will against fear and despair.

 Physical Stress 1 2 3

Mental stress 1 2 3


The Vagabond

Mithonwrath “The Rat”, Captain of the sultry maid, and a borderline pirate

Growing up an orphan in the gutters of lower Portleitir was a hard life, it’s where Mithonwrath gained his nickname of “The Rat”. He survived though, and prospered – climbing over one unfortunate victim at a time. Ratting out a pirate to the authorities gained him his ship, but also powerful enemies – the pirate was married into the Iceni clan, and they have been harassing him ever since. Mithonwrath has many connections to the underworld, and is a powerful ally to those who can stomach his unsavory methods.


High Concept Smuggler with a reputation

Race Sly Hibernian (fated to float)

Trouble Will do anything for a profit

Aspect Owner of the sultry maid (a Penteconter ship)

Aspect Low friends in low places

Group Aspect The Iceni Chieftains will pay for what they have done to me!


Great +4 Deceive

Good +3 Fight, Sail

Fair +2 Stealth, Burglary, Empathy

Average +1 Notice, Will, Resources, Contacts


I know every nail on this ship – When captaining the Sultry Maid only, Mithonwrath gains +2 to create advantage with the Sail skill.

Smokescreen of wealth – Mithonwrath may use the Deceive skill instead of Resources, as long as no money needs to change hands.

Cutpurse – +2 to overcome with Burglary when stealing from another persons err, person. Succeed with style and they are unaware of the theft until at least the next scene.

 Physical Stress 1 2

Mental stress 1 2 3



The Outdoorsman

Grall, Were-Condor and wilderness tracker

Once the alpha of the shining rivers pack, Grall’s entire family was butchered by the Iceni tribe in an ambush. Only Grall survived. He will do anything for revenge, no matter who he hurts in the process. He has since become rich tracking for various Lords in the City states – he is widely travelled and has seen much of Rivanon, from both the ground and the air.


High Concept Were-Condor

Race Selfish Arctic Lupus (Fur blanket)

Trouble Vengeful personality

Aspect The wilderness is my backyard

Aspect I drive a hard bargain

Group Aspect The Iceni Chieftains will pay for what they have done to me!


Great +4 Wilderness

Good +3 Physique, Athletics

Fair +2 Fight, Resources, Contacts

Average +1 Shoot, Stealth, Crafts, Notice


Shapeshift – Grall can shapeshift into a Teratorn ( a type of giant Condor), see the Peoples of Rivanon chapter for it’s details.

Tireless endurance – Grall gains +2 to defend with Wilderness when on a journey.

Tooth & Claw – Weapon 2 When attacking with the Fight skill.

 Physical Stress 1 2 3 4

Mental stress 1 2


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