Races of Rivanon – The Bone Islands

To the south east of Rivanon lie an isolated chain of islands, discovered a few centuries ago by Cyclops merchant explorers – the Bone Islands. Populated by savage Human cannibals, these islands are wild, primitive and dangerous!

The bone islanders venerate their dead by eating them, keeping the knowledge and essence of the person within the tribe forever. The Shaman or head of the family usually gets the brain, the Chief or firstborn son the heart, the rest of the body is distributed amongst the tribe. The bones of the relative are displayed as ornaments within the ancestral home, eventually being forgotten about and ending up as another layer of debris on the floor.

Bone islanders are obsessed with body modification and tattoos; animal bone ridges under the skin, elongated necks or ear lobes, ritual scarring and so on. They are a fearsome sight! It is no wonder the Cyclops frequently use them a bodyguards and scouts. The cannibals worship the Cyclops as gods. Their warriors are allowed to file their teeth down to fine points, and have been known to use them in a fight.

The cannibals of the Bone Islands are close to the spirit world, some have the hereditary gift of shape changing. The most common form is a giant bat – though some can change into snakes or other animals native to the islands. Their Shaman are powerful healers, one of their specialities is drilling a hole in their patients head to relieve headaches and other maladies!


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