Races of Rivanon – Coralis

When a ragtag horde of human slaves fled from the faraway continent of Yakut to Rivanon, Coralis is where they made landfall. Many humans carried on fleeing, and eventually founded the other human nations that we know so well today, but some stayed in Coralis and prospered.

Coralis is the most civilised and educated of all the human nations. It is the centre for the arts and humanities. It can afford the services of Cyclops stonemasons and has many fortresses, colosseums and aqueducts. It’s paved roads are a true marvel. Coralis is a great trading power (especially with the Cyclops along the Mari river), this wealth has helped it dominate the region politically, and it’s armies are as strong as it’s ambitions. The senators of Coralis constantly preach expansion, colonisation and trade.

The people of Coralis have a high opinion of themselves, a natural confidence seen by some as arrogance. They are industrious and forward thinking, never flinching from a difficult task. They have never been particularly religious, preferring to put fate in their own hands. The Veil is thicker in Coralis, the Otherlands further way and spirits more difficult to contact. Natural disasters are harder to avert with prayer and ritual because they do not have the ear of the Harvest Gods.




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