Races of Rivanon – The Arcadians

Long ago, the vile Firstborn came upon the World Tree, a powerful Elder God. They instantly fell upon it—tearing at it’s bark, snapping it’s branches and splitting it’s trunk. As the World Tree died, it exploded into thousands of splinters. These splinters grew to become the Arcadian race.

Arcadians are treemen standing around six or seven feet tall, they are exceptionally long—lived, and renowned for being intellectuals of the highest order. They are able to construct a memory library in their minds, to store the vast amounts of knowledge they accumulate. They are deemed an adult when this memory library transforms into a real place in a pocket universe.

Arcadians live in the forests and swamps of Kerun, they value the arts, politics and law and order. They are generally isolationists, though they do have links with the Cyclops trading empires of  southeastern Rivanon. Their villages are constructed up in the treetops, and are surrounded by cunning traps and misleading trails. The Arcadians do not wish to be disturbed.

Though they are secretive, everyone knows one thing about them—their legendary grumpy nature. Perhaps it is their long lifespan, or their keen intellect held back by the science and technologies of the day, but one thing is for sure: You will rarely meet an Arcadian in a good mood!

Arcadian Druid
An Arcadian Druid shows off his bound spirit!

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