Races of Rivanon – Wooden Bird People

Created by the Firsthborn in the Otherlands, the Wooden Bird People are Formorians—spirit people. They resemble crudely carved wooden birds of various species: from the tiny sparrow to the crow and eagle. Despite their rough shape they are able to fly and are surprisingly nimble. Though not aggressive by nature, they will swarm and dive-bomb unwelcome visitors to their forest domains.

They are a hive mind, and so are mostly found in groups, they are obsessed with mathematics and any kind of theoretical academics. To outsiders they seem quite mad, speaking in riddles, Prophecies and even pure mathematical equations. The more bird people there are in a particular area, the more intelligent they are—they tend to swarm in a great “conference” when there is a particularly hard problem to crack. They carve their knowledge into the bark of trees with their beaks for the next generation to learn.

Speaking of the next generation, Wooden Bird People pair up to mate like many Secondborn, but create offspring by carving them out of the living wood of a tree in the Otherlands. Understandably, the sentient trees of the Otherlands hate them for this and eagerly make pacts with any spirits who consider the Wooden Bird People either food or a threat.

The wooden Bird People are often knowledge brokers, they are not averse to spying from the trees and trading these secrets for even more knowledge, the Sirens hate them for this as they disrupt many of their plans and plots. If you need to know something, visit the Wooden Bird People with knowledge to trade.




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