Races of Rivanon – Hibernia

The Hibernians are an energetic people, they have a mad zeal in their eyes and are always looking for the next opportunity to make coin. Of all the human nations, they are the most selfish and materialistic—your status is measured in material wealth, and especially in how many slaves you own. Hibernia is the centre of the slave trade, every city has a bustling auction block and an entire industry devoted to the processing of slaves, including bounty hunters to reclaim escapees.

Hibernia is the strongest seafaring nation, it’s merchants are a ubiquitous sight in the ports of Rivanon, and it’s pirates and raiders just as ubiquitous on the open seas. It is often said in jest that Hibernians are so at home on the sea, they were born with gills!

The divide between the classes in Hibernia is extreme, the rich live obscenely opulent lifestyles with every whim catered to, however bizarre. The poor are truly destitute, and often enter slavery to pay off bad debts, or take to banditry. The Frost Cults have a very strong hold over Hibernia, it is said their reach extends to the highest offices of government.

Hibernia is currently at war with the City States, it’s armies are poorly trained and mainly composed of slaves, so progress is slow. The City States have received gigantic (and frankly, unpayable) loans from Coralis to hire mercenaries, who are currently doing a sterling job of holding the Hibernians at bay.



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