Races of Rivanon – The Sirens

The Sirens are an enigmatic race of Formorians that live in the Otherlands, they live in elegant cities of marble and glass where they spend their time plotting and manipulating. Sirens prefer to work their plots behind the scenes, using intermediaries whenever possible and staying safely at home. They travel little, the hardships of the open road and sea do not suit their nature.

Sirens are naturally beautiful and captivating, they look a little like humans but with perfect porcelain skin, shining eyes and hair, and a grace that no human could match. They are natural politicians, academics and Ritualists. When it comes to physical work however, a Siren will make his excuses and slope off! Their biggest weakness is their pride, Sirens are so used to being idolised and fawned over that this expectation can be used against them.

Real wealth to a Siren is power and respect, they spend their whole lives trying to climb the social ladder—subtle schemes to weaken rivals and find favourable positions at court are their bread and butter. They will marry for power and influence instead of love, stab a friend or relative in the back for advancement, and use seduction and flattery to get what they want. They are highly intelligent with a manipulative nature, be on your guard around a Siren!


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