Races of Rivanon – Cyclops

Cyclops stand an impressive ten or eleven feet tall, with broad shoulders and a solid core. They have a single eye and are known for poor eyesight—their hearing isn’t much better either! They are vegetarians and have a placid nature, many of them are pacifists. Their distaste for violence is well known, though as each generation passes they are losing this aspect and becoming more aggressive.

The Cyclops have a unique ability to shape stone with their bare hands, this has affected the fortunes of their culture greatly—they are great miners, stonemasons, metalworkers and jewellers. Cyclops are natural traders, their mining endeavours bring great riches that can be traded for commodities they do not have. They also trade grain in vast quantities to the Arcadians in exchange for worked timber, which they have little skill for.

Cyclops are matriarchal, the head of the family is female, as are most of their regional leaders. Cyclops society is centred on trade, diplomacy and academia. Most cities are ruled by a hereditary queen with a court of advisers. The Cyclops are the most civilised, populous and powerful race on Rivanon.

Cyclops are heavily urbanised—city populations range from ten thousand to nearly two million in the capital city of Akshak. These cities are only possible due to massive public works programs: Aqueducts, sewers, excellent road networks, bridges, and most importantly, the best irrigation and intensive farming techniques in the known world. The pressures of government, lobbyists and the Cyclops own conservative and cautious nature mean most cities are ruled safely and carefully with few risks taken. Taxes are high, but so is personal safety.
A city typically owns a third of all industry within it’s borders, it uses this power to keep public grain stores full, complete momentous public works such as sewerage systems and city walls, and employ an army of scribes, bureaucrats and lawmakers. All buildings are made of solid stone, often highly decorated with bright mosaics or paintings. Most are cylindrical towers reaching as high as 15 stories tall, perhaps 250-300 feet! Though they are not the most religious of races (the Veil is very thick in their homelands), Cyclops still build impressive ziggurats from which to contact the Harvest Gods.

The Cyclops treat defence seriously. They hire mercenaries to patrol their city walls, and what walls! 300 feet tall and 100 thick, made of blemish-free solid rock with barely a handhold. These mercenaries are very well equipped by the Cyclops, with bronze armour and weapons, not to mention ingenious artillery pieces.

The written word is very important to the Cyclops, they are highly literate and record everything in cuneiform on stone tablets: business contracts, shipping manifests, laws, history and literature.

A Cyclops trader bargains hard



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