Races of Rivanon – The Pretani

Pretanians are the most religious nation of an already very religious race—humans. Some say their every action  is governed by omens from the heavens, divined by their famous oracles. Pretania is a great centre of druidic learning, perhaps the best on Rivanon. Suitable candidates spend 7 years as a bard, learning the famous tales and histories of the pretanian people, then a further 7 years as an ovate—an oracle. Finally, they spend 7 more years before qualifying as a Druid. Druids are as much judges and advisor’s as ritualists, they are often the most trusted and respected advisor to a king and hold tremendous power.

Pretani Warrior
A brave Pretani warrior

When they are not praying, they are fighting. The Pretani are very warlike, and go to war at the drop of a hat—reputation and honour are very important to them. This is tied in with their religious fervour, warriors who have fallen in battle visit their relatives as spirits from the underworld every Samhain, assuring them that being dead is not so bad and nothing to fear. Pretani are energetic and opportunists, the cattle raids they conduct against each other before the autumn culling season in the month of Seed Fall are legendary. Gaining honour and building a reputation for yourself are almost as important as stealing your enemies beef!

The Pretani are a nation of farmers and petty local chieftains, insular rather than conquerors. They are happy to praise the gods, fight amongst themselves for honour, and live life to the full. Some have “itchy feet” and wander Rivanon as adventurers, hoping to earn a name for themselves. They are famous for their demeanour, relentlessly upbeat no matter what the circumstances, in fact they seem to become happier the closer they are to death!


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