Races of Rivanon – The Walrus People

The Walrus people are married to the seas and rivers of the Otherlands, and rarely leave them. On Rivanon they are concentrated along the coast, the hidden isles (which do not exist back through the Veil off the shores of mortal Rivanon) and Rivanon’s many rivers and lakes, especially the Mirror Sea and Blood Lake. They are fishermen and smugglers. They also have some talent with potions and singing.

Walrus Person
Walrus Person mending his nets in the Otherlands

While most Walrus people tend to live in fishing villages, some live in important regional trading ports and free cities. It is only natural that trade concentrates on the seas and waterways of the Otherlands, and that trading ports would develop. Walrus people are masters of the waves and take advantage of this—they have a stranglehold on all the water borne trade of the Otherlands, only the Goat people defy their trade monopoly further inland with their caravans.

The Walrus people can be ruthless and brutish in their trade pursuits, they will revoke someone’s trade charter just to prove a point, it is wise to tread carefully around them.
Walrus people cities are a bit of a mess, they are mainly made from driftwood and the carcasses of wreaked ships. They smell distinctly “fishy” as it’s all they eat, many a traveller has felt queasy after a stay in a Walrus people port! Some say this is all on purpose, appearing destitute and unhygienic to deter invaders, they also say that walrus people hide their wealth in pots at the bottom of the sea.
The Cities of the Walrus people have small ruthless navies called reivers who operate on land as well as water. They embark on pre-emptive raids and pillages against enemies of the Walrus people, weakening the oppositions will and showing them who is boss. They care little for defence, preferring to be in the field causing trouble at all times.
Cities are led by fierce bull Walrus, warlords who rise to power by their physical prowess and connections. Many are tyrants who oppress their people, who eventually overthrow them—only to be replaced with another tyrant.


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