Let me tell you about……..Kerun


Kerun is the mortal world, one half of the universe. At the dawn of time Earth Mother – the creator, mated with her husband and birthed Anki. Anki was a primaeval paradise,  a world of animism where anything could be changed by the power of thought alone.

Anki pulsed with energy and life, everything had a spirit with it’s own thoughts and agenda. From the largest mountain to the tiniest blade of grass. Many secrets could be discovered by conversing with these primaeval spirits. Animals were as wise as gods, noble and powerful. They travelled Anki in harmony with each other. All of these spirits obeyed the rules of nature—that they might feed on another’s spirit and gain it’s nourishment and knowledge in the process, and that they in turn might be eaten and so pass on their knowledge and powers.
Anki was a dazzling place that overwhelmed the senses and the heart. Earth Mother wept with happiness.

Later, Earth Mother argued with her defiant and rebellious children, the Firstborn. In a fit of rage she ripped Anki in two. One half became the Otherlands, the spirit world, which had immortality, malleability and insubstantiality. The other half became Kerun, the mortal world, which had time, permanence and physicality.

Since that time, the two halves of the universe have changed independently. Kerun has aged – mountains have worn down, and an ice age grips it’s northern hemisphere. The Otherlands have grown WILD. The World Tree has been murdered, and Sky Father is dying. Nature is spinning out of control and is endangering the lives of everyone.

Kerun is home to many mortal races; Lupus, Arcadian, Cyclops, Human and Naderite. They build nations and fight amongst themselves, and against the civilisations of the Otherlands.




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