Let me tell you about……..Rivanon

RivanonRivanon is the main focus of the Crestfallen core book, while the other continents of Kerun are detailed enough to launch epic campaigns on them, Rivanon has an entire chapter devoted to it.

Compared to many rpg settings, humans are in the minority. A rag-tag group of escaped slaves landed on the south western shore of Rivanon 208 years ago. Energetic and proactive, they have founded many city-states and even countries along the western coast, and are now setting their sights further inland. The human nations are entering a phase of great exploration and colonisation, which is causing great consternation to the other races of Rivanon.

The Cyclops were first to suffer, when the humans first landed on Rivanon they mistook the Cyclops for monsters, and killed or enslaved many. In time, the human nations realised the error of their ways and freed the Cyclops slaves, many of whom now live peacefully amongst humanity. The freed Cyclops are looked upon with scorn by those living further east – who have yet to encounter the full force of human expansionism.

The Lupus come into contact with humans regularly, mostly in battle as they travel the lands as nomads. They are ignorant of human notions of territory, owning the land is an alien concept to them. When the Lupus are victorious, they thrive and breed in an area. When defeated, they often move on to try their luck elsewhere, or travel through the Veil to the Otherlands (the spirit world) to carry on their nomadic lifestyle. Lupus are the only mortal race that is equally at home on Kerun, or in the Otherlands.

The Arcadians are still isolated within their forests, purposefully avoiding contact with humans if they can. They encourage fearful tales amongst humans to deter exploration. They actively trade with Cyclops for grain and stone, giving them wood in return. They have a frosty relationship with the Lupus.

The Naderites travelled with humans from Yakut, 208 years ago. Once human, their bodies were twisted by foul sorcerers to make them more efficient killers – they have four arms.

In the north, there lies a mighty glacier – The Ice. Trapped within it is an insane goddess, Annwn. She sends out monsters to do her bidding and help in her efforts to escape. She even has collaborators amongst the mortal races, they call themselves the Frost Cults – and they have wormed their way into positions of power over the last few years.

The battle lines have been drawn, which side will you choose? what will you do to secure your future?



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