Behind the scenes – Two Worlds

I have always had an interest in ancient history, especially the daily lives of the common folk throughout the ages – ancient sociology if you will. This is a real theme throughout Crestfallen, we describe in great detail the activities a typical person will perform throughout the year. Religious festivals, the weather, activities in the natural world, when various foodstuffs come into season, planting & harvesting times and so on. In this way we hope to embed characters within the landscape of a living breathing world, where everything makes sense and the average mortal is involved in a rich tapestry of daily life.

This is a fantasy game however, not a history simulation.

The fantastic lies just under the surface, ready to strike at a moments notice. Like two coloured threads woven into a tapestry, the mortal and spirit worlds are entwined together, but also distinctly separate. A magic ritual allows you move between these two worlds, to pierce the Veil. You may do this often in any given game session.

The spirit world is just as culturally complex as the mortal world, with it’s own distinct civilisations and problems. Agriculture has less prominence in the spirit world, most (but not all) live a nomadic hunter-gatherer lifestyle.

Spirits can be bound to a mortal in a ritual, effectively slavery.  This leads to racial tensions and reprisals. For a mortal, travelling to the spirit world is a dangerous proposition. The spirit world is only loosely tethered to reality. While there, anyone with a keen mind and an active imagination can alter the landscape itself with a skill test – conjuring a forest from an open meadow for example. Shapechanging duels & chases mentioned in our own myths such as The Story of Calicoin are also possible.

Crestfallen allows GMs and players to blend their own mix of the mundane and the fantastic, simply by choosing how often the spirit world becomes involved in the story. In this way we hope everyone will walk away from the gaming table with engaging and exciting stories to tell their friends.


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