Behind the scenes – Civilisation

We have talked a lot about wilderness and weather so far, but it’s not all trees & tornadoes in Crestfallen! People are naturally inclined to band together for protection, to share resources, skills, companionship and raise children. In time they will form a community and spread deep cultural roots into the landscape. If local resources are abundant, towns and cities will emerge.

Civilisation leads to specialisation of skill, craftsmen emerge, as does a leadership class not tied to their own food production. With this comes material wealth, greed and power. Sometimes war. This makes a good gaming session! The more power a person has over their environment and daily life, the less relevant the gods and supernatural world are to them—they become their own gods. This is the breeding ground of the Frost Cults, the footsoldiers of Annwn. They fear the supernatural—the spirit world and the weather that stems from it. Their aim is nothing less than to forget the gods, to push the Otherlands so far away from the mortal world that they cannot be reached, the gods will be lost and magic will end.

Rituals are harder to perform in cities, and Ritualists are sometimes not welcome.

In Crestfallen we can represent a community as a character, a city or army for example. They can interact with each other by using common Fate Core game rules. It doesn’t have to be warfare, though this is most common. Trade wars, and even the spreading of culture (a particular style of pottery for example) can be represented with dice. Just like other areas of Crestfallen, the weather can attack a community and cause serious consequences. Plagues, storms and terrible winters for example. The players could travel to a market town with trade goods, only to discover on their arrival that the entire town has been flooded and is rife with cholera.

Some weather has a will behind it. When the Harvest Gods feel ignored by a city, they sometimes remind the inhabitants that their aid is worth praying for.



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