Let me tell you about……..Rivanons spirit world

Rivanon - OtherlandsThe universe was once a primaeval paradise called An-ki, Heaven-Earth. In a fit of rage, Earth Mother ripped it in two. One half became the mortal world—Kerun, the other the spirit world, the Otherlands. We have already referenced the Mortal half of Kerun’s most important continent here, but what of the other half, the spirit world of Rivanon?

Long ago each side was a mirror images of the other, but now they are vastly different. The supernatural glacier know simply as “The Ice” is a thing of the mortal world, it has locked up much of Kerun’s seawater, as a consequence the sea level is much lower and there is more dry land. In the Otherlands The Ice does not exist, sea level is higher, there is less dry land and lakes tend to be larger.

In the north, lies the sludgy brooding evil that is Tar Pit Maw, spitting out demons and other monstrosities—some say it is the malevolent psyche of Annwn given form. At sea lie the hidden isles, created by Earth Mother after the violent separation of An-ki. The bear paw islands are another example of something that doesn’t exist through the Veil in the mortal world.

The Formorians call this place their home—The Walrus people, the Goat people, the Wooden bird people, the Jackal people and the Sirens. Naga-men, strange beasts, sentient weather and an infinite variety of wild spirits also dwell here. The mortal dead dwell in the underworld, but sometimes they escape through ravines in the blue shield mountains and cause havok. A great many of them currently inhabit the plains around blood lake, and refuse to go back to the underworld.

The spirit world of Rivanon is a vibrant, busy, fascinating place that brings unique story and game elements to your Crestfallen adventures. There really is nothing quite like it. Dare you travel to the spirit world and meet it’s inhabitants?






RivanonRivanon - Otherlands



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