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Crestfallen is a pen and paper Roleplaying Game (like D&D) of primitive nature and the spirit world, a time before Iron!
It is set in a Bronze Age (circa. 1000 BC) where a bad harvest, the wrong weather, disease or the supernatural can wipe out your community in a flash. To survive this harsh world, the people turn to the Harvest Gods for aid.
There is currently an Ice Age, but no ordinary Ice Age. A psychotic goddess called Annwn is imprisoned in the Great Northern Glacier, and is doing all she can to escape. If she does, she will break the world in half.

Supernatural influences; Shamanism, Animism & European Druidism.
Cultural influences; Mesopotamia, Phoenicia, Celtic Ireland, Greece, Rome, the barbarian tribes of Northern Europe & the Russian steppe.
Literary influences; The Deverry novels by Katherine Kerr, the Conan stories by Robert E. Howard, Shaman by Kim Stanley Robinson, the Merlin trilogy by Mary Stewart.
Films; Jason and the Argonauts, The Sinbad films (Eye of the Tiger, 7th voyage, Golden Voyage), Conan the Barbarian, Mongol.


Competition details

The completed version of Crestfallen will be stuffed with sidebars containing little snippets of story, in three categories;

  • Crafting methods and technologies of the time (these are pretty much complete already)
  • Famous imaginary landmarks and their histories
  • Famous imaginary people – current or from the annals of history, and a tale of their deeds


You will be submitting one or more passages of text of around 400 words relating to these categories. Your entry may be displayed on this website, but will not be used in any other capacity.

Multiple entries are allowed, the best entry receives a £30 Amazon gift card. If there are loads of entries, I will consider adding a runner up prize.



Ale brewing
Ale is made by soaking malted barley in water, and adding brewer’s yeast to ferment it. Flavourings are usually added to offset the sweetness of the malt; Hops, rosemary, yarrow or juniper berries for example. The quality of the local water has a big impact on the unique flavour of the finished ale, water containing gypsum is the most prized.
The barley is generally roasted, ground, and then added to hot water to make a mash. It is then boiled with the flavourings, allowed to cool, and the yeast added. From this point the ale ferments and is aged for weeks or months, depending on the goals of the brewer using various processes. Finally the ale is filtered and stored in barrels. Ale tends to go bad after 3-6 months.
Adventure seed
A group of water spirits have congregated at a local mountain stream, and are making the water taste out-of-this-world! This has created a gold rush situation with the local brewers, the PC’s are either staking their own claim, defending one of the established brewers, or helping one of the underdogs sabotage another’s efforts. If things get really cutthroat, someone might try to drive the spirits away….

The Mad Tyrant
In the City States there is a tale of the city of Lixus. Many of it’s population, including it’s king – Balorius the third, went mad through the extensive use of solid lead plates and tankards. Balorius killed most of his close family himself, raising them on sharp stakes to die a slow painful death. He hired grim mercenaries and lead a campaign of murder and pillage for many years until in his madness, he took his own life.
Ritualists have it on good authority that he became an equally feared entity in the Otherlands after his death, becoming a champion of Gothmol.
Adventure seed
Ritualists in the party hear whispers that Balorius is about to manifest with an army of demons and sack a city nearby, there is a race against time to warn the city and prepare defences!

Grove of the ancients
Lying somewhere within Pretania, this ring of ancient oaks has been a common Druidic meeting place for generations. Spirits freely manifest at it’s edges, and they say the Druids long ago bound a demi-god (a mortal who ate one of the leaves of the murdered World Tree) to the grove. She sometimes takes the form of a huntress made of leaves, other times a flock of ravens.
Adventure seed
Orcs or evil men have discovered the grove, and are intent on desecrating it to push the Otherlands away from Kerun and thicken the Veil. The PC’s must prevent this, if they are brave they may enlist the aid of the demi-god.




  1. Please submit entries using the contact form, or in the comments below
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  1. At the request of an entrant from Google plus, here is a list of the crafting/technologies already written;

    Ale brewing
    Salt & food preservation
    Poisons & Antidotes
    Trees, their properties and uses
    Making a Fire
    Copper mining
    House building
    Gift giving

  2. Elder Fourfinger sat amongst the wee ones, while their parents cleaned up from the feast.
    “Tell me, little ones,” the elder asked, “Of all of the gifts that we have been given, what gives us the most power over the Wild? Who gave this blessing to us?”
    “I know!” said Treeclimber, bold as ever, “It was when Karbok taught us to sharpen flints, and how to clean kills.”
    Elder cocked his head slightly- not an outright “no,” but the gesture caused Treeclimber to doubt himself. Other children eagerly shouted their answers, emboldened by Treeclimber’s failure.
    “It was when Imbau taught us to tame the wild fire!” shouted another.
    “When Niverna taught us to plant the seed and grind it to make our bread!”
    Elder Fourfinger looked at little Redflower, the runt in the group. Her brow was furrowed in thought. At last, when the other children grew bored of guessing, she spoke.
    “It was when Oodana crafted the first wall.”
    “Why is that, Redflower?” prodded Fourfinger, feigning confusion. “What is a wall, compared to a sharp knife or roaring fire?”
    “The fire is still nature… like a dog, it’s tame when fed properly, but there’s a wolf hiding underneath. It is nature that will bite given the chance. The same is true with a stone knife- it is still of nature. Gather all the of rocks you want, and the Wild will always have more than you.”
    “And the Wall?” Fourfinger asked, pride swelling in his voice.
    “The wall defines what is the Wild, and what is home. The Wall keeps the visitor in, and the tiger out.”
    “But Oodana wasn’t even a god!” Treeclimber protested. “He was a man!”
    “All the more reason,” she responded, confidence growing. “The gods are of the wild too. The wall is something we gave ourselves.”
    Fourfinger smiled. That little one will make a fine elder some day, he thought, if she survives the Iceplagues.

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