Antagonists of Crestfallen – Annwn

Earth Mother
Earth Mother constructs The Ban, and exiles the Iron Gods

Annwn is the last of the Iron Gods in the universe. The others either ate each other, were eaten by Earth Mother, or are now banished from the universe behind The Ban (a magical barrier constructed by Earth Mother). Annwn does not have free reign however, Earth Mother froze her in a gigantic glacier, which is simply called The Ice by the mortals of Rivanon. This was an emergency measure by Earth Mother just as the ban was materialising – and a temporary one, The Ice is slowly melting.

Conventional wisdom says The Ice was such a powerful act of magic, it had conciousness and a spirit. Recently this viewpoint has come into doubt, as the Frost Cults become more established, and their followers have had more contact with Annwn’s generals – the Dread Lords. Some are now saying Annwn was alone in The Ice, and over time her insanity broke her mind, she now has multiple personalities warring with each other. Indeed, it now appears that multiple sects of Frost Cults are emerging with slightly different goals and philosophies. This makes a lot of sense when demons themselves will tell their captors that they are fragments of Annwn’s broken psyche released into the Otherlands.

Annwn herself is a terrible creature, devoid of morality and selfish to the extreme. She is furious at Earth Mother for making her, and all the other Iron Gods, mortal. Her goal is to push the Mortal and Spirit worlds so far apart that the universe is irrevocably ripped in half, it will be the end of magic and the Harvest Gods in the Mortal world, and the Stone Gods will trouble her no more. She will be a terrible tyrant of the entire Mortal world. Annwn is chained to both the Mortal and Spirit worlds, separating them will break these chains but also her body – her agonised screams can be heard above the cracking of The Ice in the far north, but she is determined to continue.

In the Mortal world the Frost Cults are her chief weapon in achieving this goal, they are building cities and armies in her name. The Dalkhu are her shock troops, they are a violent nocturnal race, primitive in nature and masters of surprise attacks.

Although she is pinned in the Mortal world inside The Ice, she does have some influence in the Otherlands. Her rotten psyche is slowly leaking out into the Otherlands, creating the abomination that is Tar Pit Maw. From there Demons – slivers of her depraved spirit, spill out to pursue her agenda (and their own).




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