Antagonists of Crestfallen – Frost Cults

In the harsh universe of Crestfallen it is no surprise that people turn to the Harvest Gods for aid, they help  prevent disease and starvation, and lessen the effects of  the calamitous weather. As much as the People of Bronze need the Harvest Gods, there is friction – the obligations they place upon their worshippers are a heavy yoke to bear. There is also friction between the two sides of the Veil, Mortal ritualists bind and abuse spirits with impunity, and spirits torment and possess mortals in revenge attacks. Sometimes the meshing together of these two worlds to return to the paradise of An-ki seems an impossible dream.

There is another way. Why not destroy the Veil (by pushing the worlds apart)? The supernatural weather would end, spirits would no longer possess mortals, and mortals would no longer interfere with the Otherlands. This thought has long been heresy, as it will also release Annwn from The Ice, but it’s proponents are growing in number. Their enemies call them the Frost Cults, but they call themselves Mudulu – the Thinking Men. They are proponents of self empowerment rather than relying on the Harvest Gods. This point of view is even gaining popularity in the Otherlands amongst the Formorians, Annwn would be in the other half of the universe afterall! However, the Otherlands would then be a place of perpetual stasis where time no longer existed.

When organised, the Frost Cults decry religion and desecrate important ritual sites. They harass and even kill ritualists, break up congregations and do everything to prevent worship reaching the Harvest Gods. In this way the Veil thickens and it it harder to contact the Otherlands. They also encourage the building of cities and taking control of the environment. The more people feel in charge of their own destiny and are surrounded by like-minded individuals, the more their ranks will swell.

The more militant members of the Frost Cults leave their homes and congregate in training camps and staging posts in the wilderness, from here they launch raids and campaigns of terror against their enemies. Others seek to climb the political ladder, and from those dizzy heights influence the decision making process to turn from the Harvest Gods and any allies in the Otherlands.


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