Antagonists of Crestfallen – Demons

Annwns mind is broken, that much is clear. Her tormented screams in the far north have driven men mad, and beasts into frothing terrors. Though she is pinned under The Ice in the mortal world, she is still connected to the Otherlands by invisible chains. Wisps of her fervoured mind escape into the Otherlands, they bubble up from Tar Pit Maw and attempt to escape it’s cloying grasp to spread her agenda. These demons are terribly dangerous and must be stopped.

A long time ago the Formorians united near Tar Pit Maw, they built mighty earthworks around it, and brought Cyclops stonemasons through the Veil, they built gargantuan walls atop the earthworks. These walls are patrolled by Jackal people in an ancient pact that cannot be broken. Even still, some demons get through.

No two demons are alike, either in size, physical abilities or motives. There is a trend for them to like the shadows, to be creatures of black smoke and stealth – but this cannot be relied upon. Some are humanoid and intelligent, others are massive beasts bigger than a Giant Auroch with no discernible intelligence. Most can be considered on the same level as demigods, they have divine skills and stunts for example. They struggle to materialise in the mortal world, so spend an awful lot of effort  attempting to possess mortals through the Veil in order to carry out hidden objectives. Little wonder mortals place great faith in demon-warding charms, trinkets and rituals.


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