Crestfallen roadmap – Part One

We have spent many weeks and posts explaining what Crestfallen is; it’s world, mythology,  inhabitants, unique rules and so on. But what of the future?

I’m going to spend a couple of articles outlining my immediate and long term plans for the future, perhaps this will convince you to join the Kickstarter in it’s last few day, or if you have already joined the happy throng, make you feel justified in doing so. Part one will focus on the immediate future, part two tomorrow will cover the long game.

Crestfallen short term roadmap

Finish up writing (Approx 1 Month)

As the Kickstarter has developed, a few things have sprung to mind that need expanding and clarifying, all minor but necessary details. The current playtest documents page count was ruthlessly culled, but I think we can afford to add to the page count to make Crestfallen just right. Plans include:

  • Including Kickstarter backers pledge level contributions (art, monsters, community, Journey, historical figure and so on)
  • Adding a healing ritual to the magic chapter, and possibly a large-scale banishing ritual. Opposed rituals might make an appearance too (duelling rituals)
  • A review of the People of Rivanon chapter, with the possible inclusion of more entries
  • More sidebars throughout the book – personalities, places and events
  • General clarifications and examples throughout the book

Editing (1-2 months)

Finished text will be handed over to our editor, I imagine this will be quite a dynamic to-and-fro so it’s hard to put a strict time on it.

Layout (Approx 1 Month)

The playtest document has the beginnings of a finalised book, but we can do much better. The text will be made as clear and aesthetically pleasing as possible. Space will be planned for art, the book will be proof read (many times!) and an index created.

Art commissioned (TBA)

This is a very exciting step for me, it’s likely to take some time due to the uniqueness of Crestfallen. I will probably send out the Kickstarter survey towards the end of this period to collect email addresses from everyone, confirm names for credit in the book and so on.

Crestfallen pdf released

As soon as the art is done and placed, we will release the PDF on DriveThruRPG. Backers will be emailed their codes, Druid level backers can choose and receive their artwork and so on.

Crestfallen Print On Demand available

A little light reformatting and proofing will be needed, once done it will be listed on DriveThruRPG and backers will receive their at-cost codes by email.


Don’t forget you can be part of this process – your feedback is very important! Get in touch, let us know what you think, suggest clarifications and additions that you think would make Crestfallen an even better product.



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