Crestfallen roadmap – Part Two

In part one we described our immediate plans for Crestfallen at the conclusion of the current Kickstarter, up to and including the release of the Crestfallen RPG itself, But what about after that?

Crestfallen long term roadmap

Free stuff

We will still be releasing information on this very website, freed from the constraints of holding back the game mechanics you can expect a lot more “crunchy” posts such as alternate and additional rules, example NPCs and so on.


You can expect longer form books to be released at DriveThruRPG – city and region guides, more information on the Otherlands and so on.

Larger projects

If demand dictates, we will look into a Crestfallen companion, and several years down the line there will be the inevitable thoughts of a sequel……..


Don’t forget you can be part of this process – your feedback is very important! Get in touch, let us know what you think, suggest clarifications and additions that you think would make Crestfallen an even better product.



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