Minimalism in the land of the geek

Over Christmas I stumbled across the Minimalism documentary on Netflix, the basic concept being that in a world of consumerism and advertising we are drowning in distractions. This is mainly “stuff”, unimportant belongings that don’t bring us much in the way of joy or utility – but also activities; social media, excessive work, even the time involved in maintaining all our possessions.

Now, I’ve always been a rampant consumer. My budget is modest, and I have no debt to speak of, but nevertheless I spent countless hours poring over price comparison & review websites for the latest games and distractions. It was a hobby in itself.

Can you honestly say you have gamed your money’s worth out of every completed Kickstarter project you have backed? Finished (or even played) every game in your Steam library? When did you last play that boardgame at the back of your games cupboard? And that bookshelf (or that hard drive folder) full of Kickstarted RPG’s…? As amazing as Kickstarter is, for a geek it can be a torrent of impulse buying.


I learned to let go.


I sold, donated or recycled around a fifth of my possessions, perhaps more. Some of these had great sentimental value, but I realised years, decades even, had passed without me even picking them up. I don’t miss them one bit.

Since watching the documentary I have been on a journey of introspection. I came to a powerful realisation;

The thing isn’t the experience, the experience is the experience.


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