The Raven – Part two


CharacterHigh ConceptPlayer
The BlacksmithOstman BlacksmithAshkan
Margo BlackWashed up Bounty HunterJoseph
ZarlakDark Arcadian NecromancerBen
LucianFriendly Lupus RangerGeorge
GetafikiEccentric Arcadian DruidCraig
Prince Zeb IIICoralis Prince CharmingMichael


This session was mainly “messing about” but was still great fun, the players were getting to grips with aspects a little more and began some humourous infighting.

Zarlak with his severe amnesia wandered off at some point on the journey to Rath Cavan (his player couldn’t make it), whereabouts unknown.


Rath Cavan

Rath Cavan is a fortress city, built to protect the northern border of Pretania against the barbarian Ostmen raiders. It’s wall are of Cyclops construction, 100 feet tall and perfectly smooth with no weaknesses.

As they entered, Zeb noted with horror than his evil brother Brian was shopping  just down the road from them, Brian spotted Zeb and sent his guards in pursuit. A rooftop chase ensued, Fate points were spent and Zeb eventually gave them the slip. He was partially rescued in fact, by Lucian a friendly Lupus ranger.

I’m not sure what happened next, they met an Ostman Blacksmith who basically ignored them all and carried on making deliveries around the city. Brians guards found Zeb again, so the Blacksmith had the bright idea of shoving Zeb into an empty ale barrel to hide him, when the coast was clear, the Blacksmith took great pleasure in rolling the barrel down the stairs of the Inn.

In another encounter with Brians guards, Zeb decided to run after them and make them see reason, unfortunately he caught up with them near the docks, and they mistakenly thought his advances were of a sexual nature. This session was full of innuendo to be honest!


On the trail of the Raven

Eventually the players decided to actually follow plot, and blind guessed the most important location in the city for the story – the slave market.

After an enquiry or two they learnt that the man on the big horse, called “The Raven” buys slaves now and again and the takes the east gate to the forest of ghosts.

They followed his trail through the forest to a clearing with a huge willow tree, surrounded by dismembered and rotting corpses (the slaves The Raven buys at market).

This is where we left it.



The players were all warming up to the system at this point, I have nothing to complain about and the pacing matched my intended three session limit perfectly.

Stay tuned for the final part of The Raven next week.



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