Crestfallen roadmap – Part One

We have spent many weeks and posts explaining what Crestfallen is; it’s world, mythology,  inhabitants, unique rules and so on. But what of the future? I’m going to spend a couple of articles outlining my immediate and long term plans for the future, perhaps this will convince you to join the Kickstarter in it’s last […]

Antagonists of Crestfallen – Demons

Annwns mind is broken, that much is clear. Her tormented screams in the far north have driven men mad, and beasts into frothing terrors. Though she is pinned under The Ice in the mortal world, she is still connected to the Otherlands by invisible chains. Wisps of her fervoured mind escape into the Otherlands, they […]

Antagonists of Crestfallen – Dalkhu

The Dalkhu were made by Annwn long ago. As she was tending her wounds in northern Rivanon, she was harassed by Lupus spirit warriors and even Cyclops berserkers, rather than deal with them herself, she made the Dalkhu to keep them at bay. When Earth Mother froze Annwn into the glacier known as The Ice, […]

Antagonists of Crestfallen – Frost Cults

In the harsh universe of Crestfallen it is no surprise that people turn to the Harvest Gods for aid, they help  prevent disease and starvation, and lessen the effects of  the calamitous weather. As much as the People of Bronze need the Harvest Gods, there is friction – the obligations they place upon their worshippers […]

Antagonists of Crestfallen – Annwn

Annwn is the last of the Iron Gods in the universe. The others either ate each other, were eaten by Earth Mother, or are now banished from the universe behind The Ban (a magical barrier constructed by Earth Mother). Annwn does not have free reign however, Earth Mother froze her in a gigantic glacier, which […]

Behind the scenes – Sailing

In Crestfallen, roads are rare. Civilisation is in it’s infancy, and has yet to tame the wilderness. If a journey is required, people will turn to the waterways first—travelling on foot or by donkey (horse riding is rare, breeds are small and the stirrup hasn’t been invented yet) is a distant second choice. Sailing is […]

Behind the scenes – Journeying

Travel is a big part of Crestfallen, as it was in the ancient world. Everything you need in life does not lie conveniently at your feet. That delicious honey you love so dearly is a mornings walk away to the east, and the beehive is tricky to get to. The shrine to Amben that will […]

Behind the scenes – Civilisation

We have talked a lot about wilderness and weather so far, but it’s not all trees & tornadoes in Crestfallen! People are naturally inclined to band together for protection, to share resources, skills, companionship and raise children. In time they will form a community and spread deep cultural roots into the landscape. If local resources […]

Behind the scenes – Weather

Crestfallen is two worlds, not one. The Mortal world—called Kerun, and the spirit world, called the Otherlands. They were once the same place (called An-ki), but were ripped apart by the creator goddess Earth Mother. The barrier between these two worlds is thin in some spots, thick in others. Where it is thin, weather fronts […]

Behind the scenes – Magic

Magic is a word used to describe the indescribable—otherworldly events and fantastic creatures. Some magic is a reward given by the Harvest Gods in exchange for worship, but other types of magic also exist. The entire spirit world is highly magical, and a Ritualist with a strong will can tap into this to solve the […]